Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We took the kids to see the Narnia movie this evening. It was such fun to watch their faces & listen to J's exclamations throughout the show. I'm especially glad that we read the book just ahead of seeing the movie. Even little B did not think it too scary!

I SHOULD fold laundry, but I'm going to read 'til I get sleepy.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Today we got a new bed for the girls' room! It was so nice to have the delivery men set it up. For once, the floor was clean & mopped! Em's dresser was even in the hallway so they'd have plenty of room. The girls had spent the night in the living room the previous two nights.

The boys have now inherited the bunk beds (free from a friend in Iowa!) I did indulge on some new bedding for them --- cars & trucks. They are thrilled. I hung Christmas lights to provide some lighting for Ti, but that was a mistake. I found him with one of the lights in his mouth. I'm still missing two little lights. Who knows if he ingested them or not!

Good night, all! I'm eager to read a little more in my new book about Aunt Jane!


P.S. Boy, do I miss my digital camera! Had to resort to the 1 megapixel video camera.