Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Gifts of Christmas

I returned from my jog to find the girls playing Anna's new game in bed.  Such fun cousin memories!

The adults -- photo by Anna!

Titus was super pleased to get this gift from Aunt Nano.  And the cool backpack too  -- "secret getting place" deal!  Last photo of Titus with his tooth still intact.  He's hoping for another tooth fairy visit this evening!  During our telling of the Christmas story, he wormed his way behind Grandma's poster to eat an apple.  Uncle Ron had to pause his part of the story so we could dab up the blood and wrap the tooth in a paper towel!

 We love games!

Perfect gift for Jared!  He's already got it all assembled.

Anna was so pleased to have MATCHING socks with Marci!  Marci rolled up her jeans to make sure everyone noticed her donning these hot new socks!

Emily's reaction to Uncle Dave's story of how he misplaced her leotard in the "goodwill" pile. 

All the cousins -- Derek, Logan, Kirk, Brett, Casey, Dillon, Emma, Marci, Emily, Ben, Jared, Titus, Anna & Briella.

Go Huskers!  (Thursday night)

The Air Cannon

Santa missed hockey today because the first wiring job was faulty. 

Santa busy at work on Logan's air cannon!

Ahhhh, it works well!  A potato makes it to the ice!

Chad & Logan --- I know, you are hoping Dan draws YOUR name next year!

Logan will put this to good use, I'm sure.  It shoots t-shirts :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Blue Hill - Birthdays - Bummin'

The December Bithday Club: Grandma (70), Uncle Ron (??) and Emily (16).  :)

A new version of Catan!  Thanks, Uncle Chad!  Emily emerged the victor :)

I think Uncle Ron is winning!

Showing Uncle Chad how he re-used his motor from the robot.

Casey entertains, I mean endures, Titus!

Even though all his nephews now tower over him, Dan maintains he can still hold his own as ninja warrior (?!?).  And, that's what really matters.

Ben lets Jared help him with his really cool Christmas EE kit.  Jared is very pleased his mother is documenting this moment!  I love 11-year old boys! 

Grandma opens her birthday gift from Marci.  We've been waiting to give this to her since August when we finished it up for the Harford Fair!

Happy 70th Grandma Jane!

Complements her angel collection.  <3

Christmas Hockey

Merry Christmas fun on the pond.  Sooo, good to stretch our legs after the 25-hour trip to Nebraska!
Emily must have had the zoom lens on from the house!
Christmas Day - just after arriving to Blue Hill.  Woo-hoo!

Grandma and I switched places.  See my cool hat that Marci made me?!?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

Upon opening a certain item of their "armor."

The very last Precious Moments figurine for Growing in Grace -- from Uncle Curtis and Aunt Jenny. 

Can you believe she doesn't like these bright colors?!?  Sigh.

Delighted to see her big sister opening her card -- which required her to do the chicken dance before following clues to find her gift.  We agreed to leave the cameras off during her performance!

And, following clues for another sibling gift!  :)

Reading the homemade card :)

December Birthday Girls -- sporting their "helmets of salvation" and "shields of faith!" They are ready for battle!

And, here are the feet "shod with the gospel of peace." 

I love these girls!!

Mrs. Beckett's famous chocolate cake recipe -- such good memories.

And, last but not least, the birthstone ring.  You'll have to ask the birthday girl about her date with her daddy.  It was on a pond.  Hmmmm, that just sounds a bit too familiar!  He gave me a ring on a pond just over 20 years ago!

Cookie Day

Briella, so meticulous!

The boys have fun, but they work fast so they can move on to Legos.

Even the big girls enjoy the fun of decorating :)

Poor Em didn't have a buddy this day.  We had a contest for anyone who could make her laugh.  Mrs. Ely succeeded!

These boys were eager painters ... AND eaters!

Jared's plate :)

And the award for the most-meticulously-painted cookie went to Olivia!

Odessa and her works of art :)
I so needed a friend and an evening of relaxation and enjoying my children.  I'm grateful for friends when family is so very, very, very far away.  Thanks for hanging out with us and loving us!