Thursday, September 24, 2009

This afternoon was the beginning of dance lessons for Briella and Emily. So, I took the boys on a "date" to ride bikes at the park. Titus finally mastered the 2-wheeler! What a lovely, sunny afternoon. (too cool, but still lovely!) Marci has been busy with soccer games. She was an awesome sweeper in Wednesday's game against Mtn View. I almost cried cheering for her! It was a tie game in the end.

Blogging is therapeutic for me. It reminds me how much I love my children. It's a quick substitute for scrapbooking ... which I really, really miss. But, at least family can see what's happening this way :)

The other exciting news is that Titus gets to move to 1st grade for math after a quick evaluation with his teacher at the library today. I don't know what that really says except that the Rod & Staff preschool books are great preparation! Simple, inexpensive & great attention to detail. Highly recommended!