Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This afternoon was so beautifully sunny.  We helped Grandpa tackle all of the sticks the storm had knocked out of the trees.  Only good picker-uppers got 4-wheeler rides after each stop.  "Don't play around now, help out your comrades!"  The kids are now hoping for a big bonfire tomorrow.  Me?  I'm just grateful to have had a morning nap and some peace and quiet in the house!  I think we're all feeling the need for extra rest!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

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We had a busy afternoon eating & celebrating Christmas with the Wallaces. Seth served as Santa and kept us all entertained for the entire TWO HOURS it took to open gifts! We had ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, crockpot corn, salad, a veggie tray & fruit tray followed by superb coffee and sweets galore. Ahhh, nothing better than a Southern spread! We hiked in the woods, shot the AR-15 (5.45X39 caliber), rode 4-wheelers, threw the football, etc. The sunset was spectacular! Well, I'm very, very tired. Uh-oh... they're pulling out the cards for game time! I must not miss out on the action :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Emily’s 15th Birthday

The day began with some delicious scones and homemade jelly from Mrs. Maynard. YUM! Such perfect timing for a special breakfast . I would have taken photos this morning, but Emily doesn’t get her shower before noon. We spent the morning tackling the usual school. At lunchtime she opened her gift from Aunt Jenny – her 15th Precious Moments figurine, Growing in Grace. How fitting!

This afternoon we made her requested birthday menu : Stromboli and orange fluffy salad. It’s forgiving, so I’m thankful! At 5pm we loaded the car and headed to the Mitchell’s for a “surprise” birthday tea. It was soooo beautiful – all in blue, her favorite color. Heidi has the ultimate collection of tea party fun and she goes all out. I felt so spoiled and lavishly loved!

The girls began with making a bracelet. The girls were very creative and each of their unique tastes was so evident! After the toast, a fun left/right game, the meal – which included the ultimate artichoke dip by Aunt Sandy – we headed to the living room to open gifts. Afterwards the girls had fun dancing and watching a bit of “So You Think You Can Dance.” It was a great time with friends and a memorable evening for Emily! And, I’m thinking and praying for just the right boys to join the Mitchell family … adoption, what an awesome way to love and practice James 1:27.

Monday, December 07, 2009


We had such fun sharing lunch and then replicating the Winkleblech tradition of Cookie Day!  The only sad part was that Marci is sick today -- no Marci and it just wasn't the same.  Briella kept saying, "I wish Marci were here.  She'd be really good at this!"  Please pray for healthy kiddos.  Titus is still sleeping -- a much-needed nap!!!
Here’s a glimpse into our Thanksgiving!! =)

This Thanksgiving we celebrated by ourselves! (Just our immediate family) So this Thanksgiving was very quiet. This year I didn't help cook or bake! (When has that ever happened before?!? *scratches head with quizzical look on face*) Instead I cleaned my desk area. I had not cleaned it in forever and it looks tons better now believe you me! For Thanksgiving dinner we had mashed potatoes, sweet potato soufflĂ© (with mini marshmallows!!), green beans, turkey (of course!), gravy, cranberry jello, cranberry bread, parker house rolls, pumpkin pie (with cool whip), pecan pie, and grape pie! (I don’t think I forgot anything…*quizzical look on face*) Our dinner conversation went something like this:
*Daddy finishes praying*
“Jared be respectful during the prayer and hold your brother’s hand nicely.”-Mom
“Yeah, he was squeezing my hand hard!” *scowls at Jared* - Titus
“Boys, calm it down.”-Dad
*everyone begins to talk and pass food, in a very unquiet manner*
“Pass the salt and pepper please.”-Mom
“Please pass the jello.”-Jared
“How much do you want, Briella?”-Emily
“That’s good.”-Briella
“Where are Titus’ potatoes?”-Marci
“There on the counter, here.”*hands them to Marci*-Mom
*continued noise, some singing/humming from Marci’s end of the table, someone is tapping their feet on the floor, Titus is talking to himself as he eats*
“Can we please keep the noise down! Daddy likes quiet! Marci keep your chair on all fours.”-Daddy
*continued noise, somewhat subdued*
“Quiet, please!”-Dad
*Quiet. …except for Titus who is still talking to himself*
“And now we will put some gravy in the mashed potatoes to make a pond. Where’s the jello? Oh, here. *some motor sounds* Now we will put some shikin (Chicken, turkey really) in the pond for logs. *humming* etc."-TitusMarci and I look at each other across the table and start smiling, then laughing. Mommy and Daddy look at each other and smile. Mom starts laughing. Daddy continues to smile/smirk. Briella and Jared are completely absorbed in eating their food.
*Titus noise continues*
--the meal continues in a much calmer manner. =)
*After dinner Mom and I wash dishes. Dad clears off the table. Jared picks the rest of the turkey (with many complaints and groanings). Marci practices her Christmas songs on the piano. (I believe Briella and Titus escaped to play outside after they carried over their dishes as I did not see them for a long while) After cleanup, naps were taken for the older and younger family members. I finished cleaning my desk area, and others played quietly inside or outside.*
Later in the afternoon we hiked up to the swings (which are up the mountain behind our house). The swings are a circular board as the seat with a rope through the middle tied up high in a tree. There are several platforms of different heights of which to jump off of. After many swings by all members of the family, a few bruised knees, scraped hands from trying to get “evidence”, and as it was getting dusky we made our way back down home. Later that evening the some watched Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving, others sewed, and others ate snacks for supper. Then there were rounds of Clue, Dominoes, and a mixed version of Knights/Seafarers of Catan. Then baths and beds for all.
I hope you enjoyed your peak into my Thanksgiving day!! =D (Sorry that the end was so rushed)