Sunday, September 11, 2011

September Update

We planted grass! It's so nice to see little green shoots poking up on our rock-free, flat yard!

My little scientist -- capturing shots of weathering.  She's inspecting her photo of the lichens on the rock as an example of chemical weathering.  Somehow using a camera instead of pencil & journal was much more appealing.

Jones Creek -- full and overflowing.  The soothing noise of listening to the rush of water is almost like being at the beach.  Okay, I must dream sometimes!

Green bean pickers :).  We accidentally mixed in some lima beans, so I've got to figure out when to harvest those.

Happy harvesters ... all done!

I know, I know.  It IS sad to remove the mountain mural.  But, I wanted a fresh, practical world map for our school room.

My eager wallpaper removers

I hire only the best!  Look at those lights -- I think we'll need them permanently!  I missed capturing the laser level for ensuring it was perfectly straight.  And the t-shirt --- to make Grandma Jody proud!  One more final photo once we clean it all up!  I promise!