Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July Excitement: Parade, Thief, Lake, Black Bear

Emily's photography makes me smile.  I just love this cheery, bright yellow flower!
The kids' favorite was the Bridgewater Baptist Church float -- because they handed out frozen ice pops!  And, it was a day deserving of such a treat -- a rare thing to have a nice, toasty 4th of July Parade!
Yeah, here's the thief we found upon our return home for Emily's suit!  Went up on our deck, meandered around the house before finally heading to the creek.  The roof was off the bird house and a 5-gallon bucket of sunflower seeds was spilled all over the deck.  Must seal that one up better!
Soooo grateful that we have good friends who share their lake house w/ us!  What a welcome treat to beat the heat with a swim with friends.
Miss Crafty entertains the girls by making bracelets :)
And, he's back!  Not sure if I want to let my kids go play now that I know he's been here 3 times today! While we were at the lake a flower pot was turned over and the buckets were re-arranged on the deck.  Maybe we'll keep our feed in the garage!  Do I want to work in the garden this evening?!?