Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yesterday we went for hair cuts at Aubie's. She was a dear lady who did a great job on giving the girls updated hair-dos! It was fun, but just a bit scary for me... who ended up much blonder than agreed upon. But, I'm getting used to it.

Today we had a slow morning -- a short-order cook for breakfast. Anything you want, with grits. Grits --- ahhhh! Afterwards, we did some laundry, packed lunch, played on the computer, etc. Then we headed to the pool to meet up with Mrs. Lee, Stacy, Zack & Tyler. It was BEAUTIFUL weather for swimming (upper 80's, partly cloudy, nice breeze). We had a picnic by the lake and then headed back for more swimming. Briella, Tyler & Titus were in the pool the entire time. The elderly enjoyed time reading books & soaking up sunshine. They didn't want their bathing suit photos on the blog, so I obliged their wishes since I, too, am trying to avoid the camera these days :)

And they're off ... to the Moo Cow Biker meeting at Chick-Fil-A. Her first motorcycle date!

A cloudy day, so we all went in for pedicures ... and Grandma treated us to flip-flops as well. Soooo spoiled! (But such a fun bonding time too!)
A breakfast conversation -- Titus & Grandpa.

Here we are at Grandma's on Sunday afternoon. The ladies are playing Phase 10. I spent my afternoon with the little kids outside! We played cops & robbers, had popsicles, and then splashed in the whale sprinkles. It was a beautiful afternoon and so nice to be HOT! :) I'm loving my visit to Georgia! I don't mind 3 showers a day! I showered quick before heading back to church with Daddy. What an awesome time of prayer and how encouraging to see how God is calling couples to the mission field. I love watching God work and provide. He is good to all He has made.

Here we are eating dinner with Seth & Les. Still missing those boys at camp! Seth grilled a pork roast and some chicken spiedies. YUM! Les made rice and an array of delectable salads. Munchkin ate six portions of salad -- surprised Emily since we have to bribe to get people to clean their plates! Anyway, the dessert was caramel nut bars which we tried to limit ourselves to one a piece. It required much discipline! After dinner Uncle Seth helped Marci publish her website and showed us some cool features of PayPal. We hope to get her shopping bag features working soon. Les showed us her pattern and material. I was really hoping to get that cut out with her, but it was getting late. We left at dark (9:30pm!). Such a fun, but brief, visit. I really wish I had more time to hang out with my brothers!
Our last picnic in the park with the Davidsons (minus those boys at camp). Uncle Curtis made everyone smile ... even a certain grumpy person in between her cousins!
Finally able to get these photos to upload! This is art created by
my so very talented kids under the superb guidance of Mrs.

Anne. They had a lot of fun and I'm looking

forward to hanging these up at home! Titus painted a striped hot air balloon --- the man in the balloon is holding a balloon himself. Was he listening when we read Twenty-One Balloons?!?

Fun at Aunt Jenny's. We had hours of playing dress-up in the basement. Thursday evening we had a pool party at Mrs. Anne's place. It was a bit chilly, but the kids all had fun.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time to document our trip to Georgia! We left bright & early Monday morning (6:15am) and planned our halfway stop at Pastor Dan & Debbie's. It was a perfect place to let the kids swim, jump & play. I had a great visit with Debbie and it was so restful to be at their place. I didn't realize they moved in just 3 weeks ago! They were gracious hosts despite not be totally settled. We swam in their pond with Anne & kids, ate dinner, saw the bees, jumped on the trampoline, rode the 4-wheeler & closed the evening by watching funny videos on Pastor Dan's computer. They prepared a filling send-off breakfast the next morning and we hit the road a little after 7am!

Watching the parade and collecting candy...

The 4th of July in Montrose, PA. The girls are selling handmade cards to benefit an orphanage in Liberia. They have a website in progress: Soon you can order and purchase cards online! Most Thursdays they get together at a local scrapbooking store to create new cards. It's been great fun for them and I'm thrilled that they are involved in working to benefit those adorable children in Africa!