Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dance Recital ~ Sneak Preview

Long Live Elvis!

My beautiful dancer girl all grown up!

If You're an Addams ~ Musical Theater

It's picture week!!  I was a sneaky parent and stole a couple shots behind the photographer to whet your appetite for the upcoming recital!  June will be here soon and you're all invited...

Friday, May 06, 2011

First Friday Music

Beautiful music on First Friday in Binghamton.  Just fun motherly memories... I had to document them.

Brave Briella

Briella's mere flesh wound. She crashed her bike and hit her head on a rock.  This all happened about 20 minutes after I left for a jog.  Fortunately Daddy cleaned her up and took her into the ER.  I am so glad he was home!!!

This evening -- all cleaned up and reading in her bed.  I am so very grateful for her nurse -- Renee Tyler.  She is so awesome!  She even called me after they had glued & steri-stripped her forehead so that I could hear her sweet voice.  They did a CT scan just to make sure all was well. 

And she had a big smile for me :).  Praising God it wasn't anything worse!  She had a very interesting story about two brothers -- one who had a bee bee in his abdomen and was being transported to another hospital for surgery.  Sobering for my two boys who like to play with guns ... and shoot each other (darts, just darts!). 

Marci's Recital

As one of the older students, she was awarded the privilege of directing the little ones to the piano as their turn came.  She's adept at this kind of job, thanks to her many siblings!  I love this look :)
 Marci: I played Schubert's piano duet Marche Militaire with another student and Liszt's Un Sospiro (a sigh) for my solo.

I can't believe this is the only picture I snapped!  And she commented, "Yeah, and I looked fabulous!"  So sorry I failed to capture the fabulous one up close!  Maybe I'll upload the video footage later. (our OLD video camera - in 15 second clips -- better than nothing!)