Sunday, September 11, 2011

September Update

We planted grass! It's so nice to see little green shoots poking up on our rock-free, flat yard!

My little scientist -- capturing shots of weathering.  She's inspecting her photo of the lichens on the rock as an example of chemical weathering.  Somehow using a camera instead of pencil & journal was much more appealing.

Jones Creek -- full and overflowing.  The soothing noise of listening to the rush of water is almost like being at the beach.  Okay, I must dream sometimes!

Green bean pickers :).  We accidentally mixed in some lima beans, so I've got to figure out when to harvest those.

Happy harvesters ... all done!

I know, I know.  It IS sad to remove the mountain mural.  But, I wanted a fresh, practical world map for our school room.

My eager wallpaper removers

I hire only the best!  Look at those lights -- I think we'll need them permanently!  I missed capturing the laser level for ensuring it was perfectly straight.  And the t-shirt --- to make Grandma Jody proud!  One more final photo once we clean it all up!  I promise!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Remembering Carrie

Each year we have a tradition of letting balloons go up on Carrie's birthday.  This year she would have been 13.  Titus was delighted to discover that he COULD keep one because Craige's mistakenly gave us 14 balloons!
Briella had the most questions this year.  We had fun perusing Carrie's box of memories.

I believe babies who die are in heaven.  It was interesting that Pastor Brett talked to Jared's class about this very topic a few weeks ago.  I'm grateful for thought-provoking SS discussions for my son!  We don't know for sure, but I do know God is loving and just.  I trust Him with my little one.

This picture is for me.  I am grateful for my kiddos!

Monday, June 06, 2011

The cousin reunion -- hosted at Lissa's.  Thanks so much for building such fabulous memories and carrying on some long-lived traditions.

Whenever Daddy comes home from work the kids love to run to the end of the drive to greet him and get a ride in the back of the pick-up.  This doesn't change when they are teenagers.  Their enthusiasm was contagious.  Dan was "coerced" into rides for all!

Happy times with simple pleasures!  They even collected "evidence" from the trees/bushes.
The annual German sweet chocolate cake -- singing to Lissa Friday night.  We had several June birthdays to remember.

The slip-n-slide was a big hit -- Marci and Anna Grace.

Marci,Anna Grace, Anna/Ashlyn, Micah, Luke, Adam

Dan, showing us how it's done!  Such a kid :)

Rob and Zack, trying to figure out the "hand cuff" puzzle.  Thanks, Uncle Chad!!
Silly String WAR!
We white people just don't know how to do this properly.  But, we had fun!
Sweet time visiting with these people!  Wish Lissa's face were in here too...
Making music in the loft
The men in the man cave.  The pictures kept getting worse as more & more of them began to imitate Seth's example.  This is the best I could get.
All the kiddos!

Self-timer -- needs some PhotoShop work.  I'll get to it next week, but wanted to get the blog updated for those eager to see pics! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dance Recital ~ Sneak Preview

Long Live Elvis!

My beautiful dancer girl all grown up!

If You're an Addams ~ Musical Theater

It's picture week!!  I was a sneaky parent and stole a couple shots behind the photographer to whet your appetite for the upcoming recital!  June will be here soon and you're all invited...

Friday, May 06, 2011

First Friday Music

Beautiful music on First Friday in Binghamton.  Just fun motherly memories... I had to document them.

Brave Briella

Briella's mere flesh wound. She crashed her bike and hit her head on a rock.  This all happened about 20 minutes after I left for a jog.  Fortunately Daddy cleaned her up and took her into the ER.  I am so glad he was home!!!

This evening -- all cleaned up and reading in her bed.  I am so very grateful for her nurse -- Renee Tyler.  She is so awesome!  She even called me after they had glued & steri-stripped her forehead so that I could hear her sweet voice.  They did a CT scan just to make sure all was well. 

And she had a big smile for me :).  Praising God it wasn't anything worse!  She had a very interesting story about two brothers -- one who had a bee bee in his abdomen and was being transported to another hospital for surgery.  Sobering for my two boys who like to play with guns ... and shoot each other (darts, just darts!). 

Marci's Recital

As one of the older students, she was awarded the privilege of directing the little ones to the piano as their turn came.  She's adept at this kind of job, thanks to her many siblings!  I love this look :)
 Marci: I played Schubert's piano duet Marche Militaire with another student and Liszt's Un Sospiro (a sigh) for my solo.

I can't believe this is the only picture I snapped!  And she commented, "Yeah, and I looked fabulous!"  So sorry I failed to capture the fabulous one up close!  Maybe I'll upload the video footage later. (our OLD video camera - in 15 second clips -- better than nothing!)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

A "twirl fest" inspired by little Kerith (wearing Marci's 6-year birthday dress!).  Ahh, what joy in girls twirling, skirts flying, air swirling, hair flying ... smiles!

And now she's not embarrassed to "get into" a big twirl!

Mommy: The Photographer; Daddy: The Entertainer.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

DC ~ Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms beckoned us away from the mountains to the big city.  And, they were luscious and definitely worth the effort!  We enjoyed the sunny, although chilly, day of walking amidst the crowds.
We were very happy to notice this sun-warmed bench right beside Herbie!  What a welcome spot for our picnic lunch!  Afterwards, we did bunch inside the vehicle for some warmth and more cookies :).

A gracious by-stander offered to snap the family photo ... so, here we are beneach Lincoln himself.

Now, this was just a favorite memory I couldn't leave out.  We were at the museum and it happened spontaneously without Emily, so I had them pose with her in her rightful spot :).  I love my kids! 
 (Cantaloupe, the lone surviving kitten, is still meowing this evening.  New life is such a marvel.  I've never been so observant of each milestone for a kitten.  Her eyes are opening today.  Tomorrow she will be 2 weeks old.  I got to hold little Ella Ruth -- one week old today.  I love newborn snuggles!  Alas, I love any snuggles.  I got hugs from nearly all the kids in Titus's class in an effort to convince Kerith she'd better hug me too.  It worked! )
The much-awaited canoe ride.  I had promised them a canoe ride once Daddy arrived; but, we ended up eating, visiting and going to bed that evening.  So, before our departure for home Wednesday morning we bundled up for some time in the canoe.  I think it was her favorite part of the trip!  My kind of girl!  We were so grateful for the luxurious accomodations at my cousin's place in Great Falls.  We stayed in her barn which included a full kitchen of which she stocked the frig (my favorite part) and a loft full of every toy -- including dart guns (Dan's favorite part!).  The dart guns were necessary to get the helium balloon back to the edge of the room so we could retrieve it for Miss Briella.  So, yes, I'm grateful for the all the good shots.

This was the representative photo of our time at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  I think she should definitely buy these sunglasses -- what do you think?!?
Lots of walking ALL the way around the tidal basin.  So glad Daddy was able to join us!

The youngest still managed to get a piggy-back ride.  It WAS a LOT of walking that day.  Dan claims it was 6 miles!  Hmmmm. 

And, just in time ... with many caveats in the plans ...  Grandpa arrived!  Can't believe this is the only shot Emily managed to snap of him.  But, we all know about "no photography!"  I'm very, very grateful for Grandpa who overlooks all my disorganization, my definitely-not-perfect kids ... and fills in the holes where he can.  Love this man!  Even though he did get me with his e-mail on April 1st that his eggs weren't staying down.  Stinker!  I worried all night 'cause it was too late to call.  I'm thinking about next year...