Friday, February 29, 2008

The best part of opening gifts for me, the mother, was when Briella gave him one of her old toothbrushes. It was such a genuine token of generosity and she was so pleased with her gift to him. When he opened it, we weren't quite sure if it was used or not. Then she proudly proclaimed, "And I gave Titus one of my old toothbrushes!" I could not contain the laughter as I hugged her tightly. She loved that toothbrush ... and she unselfishly gave it to her little brother. Fortunately Titus had a visit from the dentist at Story Hour the very next day and was given a brand new toothbrush!

Grandma Jody gave Titus the "Little Man of the House" t-shirt. The clothes fit perfectly & Titus certainly lives up to the tee. He loves the pick-up & trailer because it matches Daddy's. He hauls his little tiny CAT on it ... just like Daddy. I had to chuckle to myself that night as I looked over the arrangement of toys before bedtime -- he had everything all lined up & that CAT was on the trailer. The next day he was in heaven playing with his new airplanes from Grandpa Verlin & Grandma Jane ... and filling them up with gas whenever they ran out. At least it was free gas! Thanks for all the generous gifts from all :)

Titus had a very yummy chocolate cake made by his big sister, Marci. It was the recipe off the Hershey's chocolate cake box and boy, it was good!

Titus talked on the phone to Grandpa & Grandma just before the gifts were opened.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

This weekend we had the Luce's over for dinner. Mrs. Luce brought a chocolate cake, so we sang to Titus. We had planned to sing to Ben too since I had his birthday marked as last Wednesday, the 13th. I called him & everything thinking he was certainly teasing me by saying, "Hey, it's not my birthday!" How did that get recorded on my birthday list last fall, Benjamin!??

And, then Christie helped Briella get rid of that last front tooth!! So, she's got the cute toothless grin now :)

This evening we took the youth group to serve at the Scranton Rescue Mission.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Testing out a scrapbook page.