Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowy Valley Forge

Thursday morning - Philadelphia's snow covered our vehicles!

Hotel staff helped us clean off the snow.  When they noticed their audience, they bombarded us with snowballs!  Fun memories!

Daddy's truck -- our guide to the park.

True conditions of what it must have been like for George Washington and troops.

I've been replaced as family photographer, so you don't get to see Miss Emily's smile in this one.

Somebody needed a piggy-back ride after taking a snowball from her big sister!  So glad Daddy was with us today :)

At the Visitor's Center we looked through the artifacts to finish up our booklets for the Junior Ranger program.  Titus was infatuated with all the guns and maps.

Good-bye for now!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Franklin

The Franklin Institute - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - January 2011

Inside the heart

The cow eyeball dissection -- worth the expert explanations!

Emily has an eye for cool photos!  Love the pendulum, the marble stairway, my girls.

Another dissection with an expert -- I never knew how those valves really worked until I saw them here!

Now this guy was my all-time favorite!  Uncle Chad - this photo is for you!!!  This is the "Liquid Air" Show.  He dipped the balloon in liquid nitrogen, in case you're wondering.  He was a great teacher!

In front of Ben during the "fire alarm" break.  Truly, we all had to evacuate the museum and hang out with Ben until the "all clear" signal. 
Briella and Jack prove the ball will NOT fit through the ring.
Titus throws the rubber ball that was soaked in liquid nitrogen.  Everyone was shocked at the results!
And NOW that ball fits through the ring?!?!!  How'd that happen?
The big girls have fun too.
Pendulum fun...
Briella and Titus "drive" the train.
Train Ride 

Emily & Briella made "all" the airplanes.  I couldn't get anybody to go in the flight simulator with me.  This was a cool exhibit area that we nearly missed!
The erosion table -- a mother's delight.
Goodbye Philadelphia!

Hotel Life

Online classes for the teens...

Reading amidst the pillows.

Titus made all of his sentences for phonics :)

Journaling about yesterday...

We really are doing school!  History channel counts, right?!?