Thursday, January 14, 2010

pics to accompany previous post


Well, I just can't get the rest of the photos to upload.  So, the rest you'll just have to imagine!  The kids opened their gifts from our Nebraska cousins.  The occasion was prefaced by some great music, as you can see in the first photo.  Titus received a couple tractors.  One is a "normal" tractor and the other a MONSTER tractor.  They have since been accompanying him during math lessons, lunch, art, etc.  He LOVES them, to say the least.  When he came home from the basketball game the other night, he wanted to know who had moved them.  (He had left them on the stairs!)  Briella recieved a really cool book of nail art from Anna.  Anna had created a page of her own designs and left a page for Briella to use her imagination as well.  Currently Briella has an assortment of fruit painted on her nails.  Don't be fooled - Emily really, really liked this gift too!  Jared, sporting the plastic label of a milk jug as his headband, opened a magnetic dart set.  This was most definitely a big hit among the males of the family.  Marci is now sporting a very cool red purse while Emily totes an awesome bag made by Emma (?) or Aunt Teresa?!?  Either way, the girls love them!  And, it's so sunny and warm (40's) today that I must finish this update.  Time for FRESH air before we have to run around to pick up a pair of glasses and drop girls off for dance lessons.  Snowman snow!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ahhh, the best days are the quiet snuggles with a newborn baby!  We got to meet little Chase Matthew Harman ... what fun, what fun.  Not much time for typing... off to a meeting at the dance studio.