Friday, September 05, 2008

Labor Day

Briella wanted "roller head" Saturday night --- so she had curly hair for church. She was beautiful!
We had a very awesome Labor Day weekend weather-wise.

Sunday afternoon we went miniature golfing with the teens from church. Monday we worked at home for the morning. We picked a ton, well about 5 cookie sheets full, of tomatoes. Then, we treated ourselves to a few hours at Laurel Lake thanks to the gracious hospitality of the Benders. It was nice to canoe / paddle boat around the lake. We did half & half -- half our family in one & the other half in the other. Okay, so we didn't split a kid in half. The canoe held 4 of us. We traded halfway around the lake. Canoeing is MUCH easier, btw.

The kids had fun swimming & playing on the rope swing!

This week has been very busy with school, garden work & soccer. Thankfully Dan is home to help with chaeffeuring the kids around. That's huge! Tuesday evening we made salsa. Wednesday & tonight (Friday) we made tomato soup. Yum! Well, it will be once the days cool down & we need a quick lunch! My friend Patty brought over lots of pears, so I'm hoping to can some of those this week.

Well, I'm exhausted and my bath water is waiting! <<<>>>