Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well, we eagerly waited for Grandpa and Grandma to arrive after their retreat to a cabin in Maine. We were thrilled to have them just in time to celebrate Briella's 7th birthday.
The first day we spent the afternoon watching Emily and Marci play soccer. They wanted to stay for the 2nd game. It was chilly, so we opted for a warm meal at McDonald's. Grandma treated the kids to Happy Meals -- so here they sport their toys :).
I'll have to save the rest of the story for another evening...

Okay -- here's going back to September. Gardening took up the bulk of our "spare time."

We also had hot dogs & s'mores with our friends the Kesslers one evening.

We attended SEVERAL soccer games.

Jared celebrated his 9th birthday. There you have it -- the short & sweet version because I was too busy to blog about the details.

Family photo in the tree house, built by Grandpa Nelson, Daddy & kids.
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Whew, I'm finally catching up on my blog. I won't finish everything, but this is a start! Mom & Dad left this morning. We had such a good visit. Here's a family photo Grandma took for us. More details coming soon!
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