Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to school photos! Here's the first happy student :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Okay, here are the rodeo photos!

Briella milks the cow. Part of playing Farmer for A Day at the Harford Fair. After all of her hard farm work, she gets free Frito Lay chips & milk!

Well, the latest excitement in Susquehanna County is, of course, The Harford Fair! Pictured above you'll see the kids posing with the queen and her assistant. They helped hand out Fritos for a photo-op.
You'll also notice the Kiddie Tractor Pull contestants working hard. Briella came in 6th, Jared participated with a large crowd of six year olds and Marci ranked 2nd in her age group! Wooo-weeee!
The fair marks the official end of summer. It's cool & rainy now ... and school begins tomorrow. We've readied our school rooms with a little change this year: Elementary in one room, middle school in another. I hope this provides some peace and quiet for my diligent middle schoolers :). Daddy left for a week of teaching in Iowa this week. It was sobering hearing about the ComAir crash early this morning. Dan called tonight to let us know he arrived safely. PTL for his watch care over us. Goodnight all!

Oh, one more of the Ronald McDonald Magic Show. Ronald entertained us all with several smooth magic tricks. Nothing slipped by those kids! Ha ha! Keith was chosen to go up on stage and he entertained us all with his performance --- what a ham he was! (He's wearing the mask, in case you're wondering.)

Friday night we took in the rodeo. Here are a couple shots of us in the bleachers.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Recent excitement in the Rose household includes a bike ride up the dirt road to take in the beauty of a nearby campground. The weather here has been absolutely perfect. It's very difficult to be indoors preparing for school! The garden is finally yielding an abundance of tomatoes and cucumbers. We also have zucchini, yellow squash, hot peppers and baby watermelon. We'll see if any pumpkins make it!

Yesterday we enjoyed the Harford County Fair. We spent time in the barn, played "Farmer for a Day," and rested in the grandstands while we watched the tractor pull. The boys were mesmerized by the tractors, but the girls were a little restless. We ate at the infamous Youth For Christ pizza tent. The entertainment this year was a team of trapeze artists and a juggler.

We're all fighting the sniffles -- sore throat, yucky nose, etc. Not sure if it's seasonal allergies or a change-of-season type cold.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Here Marci rides Tag.
Emily completes her arena work on Captain.
Briella scores a goal!
The Rose kids play soccer! Go Team!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Emily's counselor, Rachel. (I think that's her name). Boy, these counselors are looking so much younger than I remember. I asked and they have to be at least 17 years old!

Emily's participating in Horsemanship Camp this year and staying in the Seneca cabin. She was very excited because they get to ride at least two hours each morning.

Marci and her counselor, Jamie. Marci will be going to Rough Riders! Ride 'em, cowgirl! She packed her cowboy hat and everything! She was looking forward to the trail ride out to a wagon-load of food. I can't recall which evening they do that, but it did sound like alot of fun!

Check out that cute driver in the background! Titus was having fun on the wagon of "Big John."

Briella found a cute kitten in the Critter Corral.

Here are Jared & Marci on the wagon ride up to the cabins.

That's all, folks!! Be sure and send them mail this week: E-mail: mmrcamp@mmrm.org

Snail Mail: Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions

RR1 Box 95, Spring Creek, PA 16436.

They'll have pictures up on their webpage soon.