Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here's a family shot taken by Becky. And, then here's Bill, Becky, Phil, Jared & Briella. We had a fun afternoon at the Maynard's. Superb food, wonderful friends, fun games, beautifully decorated table w/ really cool napkins by Sarah, other people to play with my kids, etc.

We had four kids in the song time: "Run, Peter, Run!" Later Dan sang in the choir & Marci played her violin, but I couldn't get a good shot of them. We had our new Pastor fly up from Florida to preach. We are excited about their move and helped clean the house they will stay in for a while.

Will try again later on the video... 3 attempts is enough for me!

Last Saturday we celebraetd Shannon's shower at Aunt Terrie's. Grandma Ree was looking good with freshly painted nails and all! Shannon was the most adorable, of course. Aunt Terrie and girls had a wonderful spread of food. We shared lots of laughter and met some of A. Terrie's dear friends of many years. Got to see the boys too, but no photos of them. The girls enjoyed the trampoline, as always.
We watched a bit of TV Land with Grandma before heading back home. Here's a quick photo of my girls!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

We celebrated Marci's 12th birthday today. Usually we get to celebrate with family, but this year we had 6 girls over to commemorate the day. (Turn your volume down when watching the sledding movies!) We started the day with games in the living room. They liked the secret signal game & trying to guess who had the signal. It worked better with adults, but you should see the way Titus raises his eyebrows & wiggles his ears! After game time we gather for lunch with Marci's requested menu: cheese soup & frog-eye salad followed by strawberry cake. The girls liked the soup, but were a tad suspicious about the salad because of Jared's description of how they caught all the frogs. After food, we opened gifts. Marci loved all of them! Then, for the best part... s l e d d i n g! Marci had been praying for snow and just overnight we got some fresh powder perfect for some outdoor winter fun. Like I warned you, turn the volume down:

The only "downer" was that Emily was feeling sick most of the day. She perked up & ate cake for supper this evening, so she's on the mend. Unfortunately, I'm feeling very worn down. I think it must be going through the ranks. Dan flies out to Iowa tomorrow, so he's trying to stay away from all of us. Have a great weekend!