Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Remembering Carrie

Each year we have a tradition of letting balloons go up on Carrie's birthday.  This year she would have been 13.  Titus was delighted to discover that he COULD keep one because Craige's mistakenly gave us 14 balloons!
Briella had the most questions this year.  We had fun perusing Carrie's box of memories.

I believe babies who die are in heaven.  It was interesting that Pastor Brett talked to Jared's class about this very topic a few weeks ago.  I'm grateful for thought-provoking SS discussions for my son!  We don't know for sure, but I do know God is loving and just.  I trust Him with my little one.

This picture is for me.  I am grateful for my kiddos!

Monday, June 06, 2011

The cousin reunion -- hosted at Lissa's.  Thanks so much for building such fabulous memories and carrying on some long-lived traditions.

Whenever Daddy comes home from work the kids love to run to the end of the drive to greet him and get a ride in the back of the pick-up.  This doesn't change when they are teenagers.  Their enthusiasm was contagious.  Dan was "coerced" into rides for all!

Happy times with simple pleasures!  They even collected "evidence" from the trees/bushes.
The annual German sweet chocolate cake -- singing to Lissa Friday night.  We had several June birthdays to remember.

The slip-n-slide was a big hit -- Marci and Anna Grace.

Marci,Anna Grace, Anna/Ashlyn, Micah, Luke, Adam

Dan, showing us how it's done!  Such a kid :)

Rob and Zack, trying to figure out the "hand cuff" puzzle.  Thanks, Uncle Chad!!
Silly String WAR!
We white people just don't know how to do this properly.  But, we had fun!
Sweet time visiting with these people!  Wish Lissa's face were in here too...
Making music in the loft
The men in the man cave.  The pictures kept getting worse as more & more of them began to imitate Seth's example.  This is the best I could get.
All the kiddos!

Self-timer -- needs some PhotoShop work.  I'll get to it next week, but wanted to get the blog updated for those eager to see pics! :)